Welcome to Safe Harbor Presbyterian Church 

Where the love of Christ builds a harbor of acceptance, inspiration, 

Fellowship, service and joy. 

You enrich our worship with your presence. 

"When we say welcome we mean it!"




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It is not possible to pass the collection plate at our live home church.  We do need your contributions.  Please sent your check, made out to Safe Harbor Presbyterian Church to:

Safe Harbor Presbyterian Church

c/o Monty Rice

1298 Warren Rd.

Cambria, CA 93428




If this is your first time here, WELCOME

If you have a prayer request, please send to:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Safe Harbor Presbyterian Church-PCUSA 

2700 Eton Rd. • Cambria, CA 93428 

Call or text 805.395.1521 

Info: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. website: www.safeharborcambria.org 



The Gathering 


Prelude Deborah Farrand 

At the tolling of the bell, please quietly prepare your heart for worship. 

Meditation Music Deborah Farrand 

Welcome and Announcements 

† Call to Worship 

Leader: We gather now to worship. 

People: We come to worship our loving, nurturing God. 

Leader: Good mothers know and love their children dearly. 

People: Our good God knows us intimately and loves us unconditionally. 

Unison: We come now to sing, pray and give praise to our Divine parent, the 

source and sustainer of life. 

† The Psalm Prayer, from Psalm 31 (In unison) 

In you Lord, we take refuge. Deliver us in your righteousness, come to our rescue, be our rock of refuge and our fortress. Into your hands we commit our spirit. Our eternal fate is in your hands. Let your face shine on us, save us in your unfailing love. We pray this in the name of your Son, our Savior, in whom we have all hope. 


†Hymn of Adoration # 257 The Risen Christ 

Prayer of Confession (In unison) 

Loving God, when shadows of fear or doubt come to our lives, we can be fright-ened, worried, and off balance. Forgive us when we do not remember the fortress strength of your ever-loving arms. We are sorry when our personal concern blinds us to the fear, hurt, loneliness, and injustice around us. Lord, we now offer our si-lent confessions... 

(In unison) Fill us with the knowledge of Christ’s love and light, so that we may be a blessing to those who are burdened and downtrodden. Amen. 

Assurance of Pardon New Creations in Christ 


†The Sharing of the Peace 

The Word 


Hymn of Preparation #452 Open the Eyes of My Heart 

Leader: Listen for the Word of God. 

People: Our ears are open and our hearts are ready to receive. 

Scripture: Acts 8: 26-36 

Leader: The Word of the Lord. 

People: Thanks be to God. 

Sermon: The Unhindered Gospel The Rev. Eugenia Gamble 

Hymn of Response # 401 Here In This Place 


The Prayers 


Call to Prayer Hymn #466 Come and Fill Our Hearts with Your Peace 

Prayers of the People 

The Lord’s Prayer 

Response to Prayer Hymn #710 We Are an Offering 

The Offering 

Prayer of Dedication 

† Hymn of Parting # 826 Lift High the Cross 

† Charge and Benediction 


†=If able, please stand 





Members of our community that are lonely, hungry and sick.

If you would like to support the work of Safe Harbor Church financially: 

Tax deductible checks may be made to Safe Harbor Presbyterian Church. 

During our period of isolation, please mail checks to: 

Monty Rice 1298 Warren Road Cambria CA 93428 



Happy Mother’s Day to All of Those Women 

Who Have Made a Positive Impact in the Life of a Child 


Mentoring Pastors 

The Rev. Eugenia A. Gamble 

Music Team 

Deborah Farrand

Wink Farrand

Michael Green

Liturgists’ Coordinator 

Patti Ropp 




Tom and Lana Cochrun 

Monty and Julia Rice 

Patti Ropp 

Michelle Costa 

Jeff Rodriguez