Safe Harbor Presbyterian is a founder and supporter of CDF the Cambria Dinner Fellowship, where faith and social issues intersect in a social environment. 

Cambria Dinner Fellowship has been put on hold while Covid-19 is dictating social interaction.  Past topics have been:

As we say There Is A Place At The Table for Everyone

In the almost two years of the Cambria Dinner Fellowship hospitality has been extended to a diverse group of organizations. We have hosted these organizations in our FORUM series. The FORUM series has been focused on Forum on Faith, the Social Issues Forum and the Community Forum. 
       The following organizations have participated.
SLO County Mental Health Association
SLO County NOOR Foundation
Transition Mental Health-The Prada Center
ACLU of SLO County
First Five of SLO County
Cal Poly Homeless Office-Associate Dean of Students
SLO County Homeless Program
California Men’s Colony Support
Community Action Partnership of SLO County
California Grand Jury System-James Ragan
Sierra Club
Remembering RFK-Ripple of Hope Documentary-Tom Cochrun
The Story of The Victim-Dr. Steven Walker
Dealing with Conflict-Patricia Gordon
Immigration- Erica Reyes sasStaff Assistant to Congressman Salud Carbajal
Senior Citizens Issues
Gun Safety and Control-Staff Assistant to Congressman Salud Carbajal
Sanctuary City Status-State Senator Bill Monning’s Assistant
Treating Mental Illness-Heidi Bizaire, National Alliance on Mental Illness
Treating Mental Illness-Stephanie Heintz, Therapist
Women’s Issues-Linda Rendleman and the film Women Like Us
An Evening of Good News-Donavan Ropp and Tom Cochrun
Cambria Connections
Cambria Anonymous Neighbors
Beautify Cambria Association
Cambria Forest Committee
Friends of the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve
Friends of the Elephant Seals
Greenspace-The Cambria Land Trust
Cambria Head Start
Cambria Education Issues-Scott Ferguson
Cambria Dark Skies Certification Committee
Cambria Fire Department
Cambria Cherish House
Cambria  Cherish Health Inc.
Cambria Water Issues-Tina Dickason
Infant Essentials 
Homeless Animal Rescue Team (HART)
The Working Immigrants of Cambria-Ramon from Creekside
Marine Mamma Center
Coastal Discovery Center of San Simeon-NOAA
Pacific Wildlife Center
Chumash National Marine Sanctuary Project
Marine Sanctuary Board
The Cambria Beat Journalist Stephen Provost
Islam on the Central Coast-Mosque of Nasreen
Beth David Jewish Congregation-Rabbi Linda Bertenthal
Seder Dinner Observed
Buddhist Temple of SLO
St Andrews Greek Orthodox Church
Sikh Temple of Bakersfield
Unitarian Universalist Community of Cambria
The Story of Dr. Victor Frankel-Dr. James Seeber
Father Brian Palmer-St Paul’s Episcopal Church
Reverend Paula Hulet-Estero Bay United Methodist Church
Reverend Eugenia Gamble-Nipomo Community Presbyterian Church
LGBTQ and the Church
Chaplain Chelsea Lietcher
Advent Meditations-Rev. Paula Hulet
Yoga with Kristina Kansas